Since September 2005

Today marks a special milestone for what was left of the AP shop. The storage space that all the old merchandise resided in since September of 2005 has officially been cleared and closed down. So many memories came back and so many cool toys greeted us.  I remember at our last show we left off with pink and blue 6″ Labbit plushies being popular, and we did find many of those in a bundle.  So much has changed since then. Now all the rage are Disney Tsum Tsums (oh, maybe it’s just me, hehe).   I attended a convention and didn’t even know half the anime that cosplayers were dressed up as.   Some classics never left the scene though. I still love Studio Ghibli, Evangelion, Final Fantasy, etc. etc.

Whatever happened to AP, you wonder? Well, a few years ago, most of the inventory got stolen and we decided we were tired and closed shop. The AP forums later had a corrupt database and we were not able to restore it.  Over the years I couldn’t seem to let AP die since we’ve made some very special memories and kept some very good friends from the whole adventure.  I’ve always wanted to revive the website, but when I finally got around to putting something up on the homepage, I sat there thinking what would I put on here that would be useful or worth putting up?  I guess a collection.  We might have grown tired of selling and chasing after rare finds, but we never did stop appreciating the cool figures and plushes out there.

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