Happy and sad

If someone believed in feng shui and fortune telling, someone would say something is off at my house. I woke uo this morning and found Cream outaide the tank and dried to a crisp. Cream has come a long way from the skinny little betta girl at the fish store to the beautiful piggy she was. She will be missed and I hope nothing else goes wrong.

On the happy side, my black king kong shrimp arrived with no issues and they are all healthy and active, unlike the last batch. Technically, they were only a day less in transit, but somehow that made the difference somehow. 

While taking a video, I noticed one of the shrimp with green dots on its belly. At first I thought they were eggs, but they were actually parasites I’ve read about that slowly eat away at the shrimp. I isolated this one and it will live with Cloud. 

Oh and one of the snowball shrimp is also pregnant. That is all.

Snow and Stardust swam over the rainbow bridge 

Yesterday I found Stardust upside down in the sorority. She hasn’t been well and whatever it was finally took her. I also released my Snow from her suffering tonight. After so many bettas in my care, I don’t know how this was the first time I used clove oil to euthanize a betta. As with all my bettas, I will miss her dearly. We always bond with one more when they are under your intensive care. Hope you are able to be little piggies again in betta heaven, sweet little Snow and Stardust. 

Dream bettas

As I wait for my super gold to ship by March 5, I couldn’t help looking at other overseas fish to combine the shipping from the transhipper. I started looking at the ebay ones too. Here are a few just for the heck of it. I currently have Upsilon’s bowl, the terrarium next to Power, and the Rock Mountain tanks available for new bettas. I was still hoping to find a giant halfmoon, but I also saw a beautiful gold dragon, a yellow halfmoon, and a dumbo white, and and . . .

Black King Kong Stripe Shrimp

Joe Aqua had a grand opening of some sort sale so I caved and preorder 10 bkk one stripe shrimp. They said they would ship on Tuesday but ended up shipping on Thursday, expecting it to arrive Friday. Rain must have delayed Fedex and they ended up arriving today! I was alreadt worried because these were imported shrimp and might already be stressed. I truly have bad luck when it comes to shipping shrimp. These guys came in all alive but a bit sluggish. Fortunately, the guys at Joe Aqua were very good on their customer service and told me they would send me another shipment of shrimp. I’m crossing my fingers I’ll have some alive and not die the next few days. 

Here they are. They look like little black robots.

Super Gold Betta

My hunt for the super gold betta may be over. The seller with giants is forever taking his time posting pictures, so I gave up on that for now. I finally got in touch with a seller of super golds called Super Saiyan Gold Betta. After some patient waiting messaging back and forth between the time zones, I finally got a price, a video, and he does work with transhippers to ship internationally. It’s all the standard $5 to ship from Thailand per fish, paypal fee of $5, and he will work with my transhipper’s partner in Thailand to get it over to the USA transhipper. 

I looked through the list of transhippers and it looks like Julie Tran is located closest to me and had good feedback. The only bad thing is that she does not open the box to check on the fish but will mail it out directly within 24 hours. Despite that,  the complaints about DOA were minimal from her. Crossing fingers I won’t have any issues! 

Here is the super gold feathertail, and I requested for a female too since it was so difficult to find one. 

Black King Kong Panda shrimp

Remember those sensitive shrimp I was waiting for? It was just my luck the mailman came on the day I had a lunch meet and didn’t get until a few hours later. They arrived last week in a soaked box. No worries, I figured it was soaked from the rain. The newspaper inside the box was even wet. After I got through the styrofoam board, heat pack, and more newspaper, it seemed like all there was was newspaper! On closer inspection, there was a clear plastic bag, some moss on the newspaper, and little shrimp splattered all over the newspaper!

I thought the pandas were done for and started taking pictures. I nudged one and realized they were wet and squirmy! I almost dumped the newspaper in my tank, but caught myself, and threw the moss, bag, and found the rest on the oaper and dabbed them jnto my tank. Surprisingly, 7 of them are still alive as far as I can see. 

The seller, Dazalea from the Shrimp Spot, said that sometimes postmen drop the box too hard and the bags can burst. I didnotice  a giant dent on the corner of the box. That is why it is so important to open the boxes to check them right away. It could lean life or death for the shrimp. She had actually triple bagged. She was kind enough to send partial refund for the missing shrimp. 

These guys are so much more vivid than any other shrimp I have. I am so glad they survived.

New betta, Digamma II

I notice whenever I lose a betta, I end up getting a few more to fill the void. I started going to check out CK Fishworld on Mondays because they restock their bettas. I think I was half talking to myself half asking if one of the yellow ones was a doubletail, and someone came over and said, “doubletails? I can get some in next week.” Done. No nonsense, these guys, that’s why I like going there. 

I usually don’t ask for specific bettas because I don’t even understand what makes me buy certain bettas sometimes. There can be a perfect halfmoon and I’ll go for the gimpy shiny one. I know I am a sucker for doubletails and yellow dragons though. 

There was a doubletail flopping around and he just kind of glowed under the lights. Even though there was an adorable solid blue and lacy orange tail boy staring at me, I locked onto the floppy white marble doubletail. I’m not even supposed to buy anything but yellow because I know I am still going to go looking for a yellow dragon if I bought him. 

Here he is, a very shy but recovering betta. He must have got hurt in transit because he was panting for a day and can finally swim properly after a week. I named him Digamma II.

Here are some of the ones I left behind:

New UN30C “Rocky Mountains” Tank

A local SCAPE club member did not want his grand raffle prize, so I got to buy it for cheap. It was supposed to replace Upsilon’s tank in the family room. It was too big for the side table, so I found a stone and wood stool from Homegoods and now it lives in the living waiting for my next betta. I also collected random plants from recent SCAPE people and they all ended up fitting nicely in the tank. Here is the Ultum Nature 30c ‘Rocky Mountains.’ Also my first time messing with sand and substrate. Hopefully I will not have algae and debris issues.

I cut one of those Daiso cutting boards to separate the substrate initially, but the glue didn’t hold, so I took it out. 

I actually googled the Rocky Mountains after I finished scaping and got this picture. I guess I had the Rockies in mind while making it. I only wish I found the picture before. 

Searching for Giants

My beautiful giant yellow dragon Upsilon III passed away a few weeks ago.  I never got to see his tail regrow to its original span. He started hiding and I didn’t realize he was also breathing hard. While I went on vacation, he got worse. I don’t have a heater in his tank because I’m paranoid of malfunctioning heaters, but I realized the spot where his tank was got colder than the house thermostat temperature. Winter also let less light pass through for his plants. It might have been these two issues that made him sick. 

Upsilon III was my first giant halfmoon and the smartest betta I’ve ever known, so losing him was pretty hard on me.  He would be in his bowl watching TV with me, and followed me around in his tank.  I walk by his tank and it still feels like he’s still there looking at me.  I already miss him very much. 

I’ve been talking to breeders locally and in Thailand in hopes to find another giant halfmoon. So far it’s been difficult because not many breeders breed them due to deformities and unstable pesonalities in the offspring. 

In my search, I met a very helpful instagrammer named “gleebettas.” He referred me to contact Kitti Wacharaworatham, aka aquastar71, who breeds beautiful skyhawk bettas and super golds.  So far I have not received a response though, so he gave me a few other names of breeders, Somkiat Intamu, Kitti’s assistant, and Nok Narisa (NpBettas). 

So far the only videos or pictures of halfmoon or feathertail bettas bigger than normal are from Thai Betta Collection on facebook.  Here are a few:

Shrimp tanks and water chemistry

Well, as I await the arrival of some new black king kong pandas,I’m getting more nervous because palmski from the shrimpspot says that with my parameters,I might kill his grade A blue bolts. My tds and gh were a bit high, but since I use RO water and remineralize with salty shrimp gh+ and kh+, I figured I just need to use half the amount to lower everything. Well, I did a major cleanup of the shrimp tanks, changed out half the water, but somehow ended up with tds still on the high side. I can’t figure out what’s causing it. It used to be low. Everyone still seems to be happy, but it would explain why no one is berried yet in those tanks. Will have to figure this out soon. I also found scuds in the 4 gallon. They must have hitchhiked from plants from Cloud’s tank. His tank came with scuds from the original owner. Thought I was finally ready too!

While we’re talking about shrimp, I finally gave away the random low grade cherries that were born in my tank. I missed a sakura and two berried cherries. They now live in my mini moss cube. I also saw a tall glass vase from homegoods and brought it home. This will be home to the snowball shrimp that are currently mixed with bloody marys. Hopefully after this there will be no more mixed up shrimp.