Camalanus Worms and Levamisole

Recently one of my customers had a run in with camalanus worms. I knew Levamisole cures it, but the dosage was unclear.  Suquaria packages this medicine for aquariums, But many people have  that the instruction on the package was way too much. Upon further research, here is the best explanation I’ve found for the small aquariums that bettas live in.

Found my original betta photos circa 2006

My original Alpha, Beta, and Gamma were my first bettas circa 2006! I can’t believe I still have the Eclipse Marineland tank in the garage. It was only decomissioned two years ago. 

Epi would sit on his flower and stare at Beta. 

Alpha, Beta, and Gamma when they were brought home from Walmart.

They colored up quickly! Beta turned reddish purple, black when threatened, and almost pale no color when stressed.


Epi in his temp tank

That pale one is Beta!


Beta and Gamma

Import betta spam time

Lately I’ve been getting super busy with betta water changes because I got carried away buying bettas! This is also an experiment on whether I can handle a spawn of baby bettas growing up to jarred juvies. I’ve also learned a lot about the betta market, the different breeders, resellers and it’s very interesting. The answer is, I can’t find a faster way to make water changes for 100 bettas! It will most likely take me 4 hours every other day consistantly for the rest of their juvie to adult lives. I’m not sure I can handle that, so I will definitely have to limit the number of babies from a spawn. 

In the meantime, get ready for some import betta spam:

Deadly Co2

So I knew and read about this but didn’t keep it in mind. I had my co2 on blast yesterday and forgot that it was on a higher level lately. The bettas could care less. The glasscats and otos have adjusted fine. I decided to go and get three more glasscats and forgot that you are not supposed tointroduce  new inhabitants after having the co2 on. They adjusted poorly and within thirty minites of drip acclimating I found them at death’s door. I couldn’t save them. It was fast. Lesson learned. 

On a happier note, I stopped the co2 in Rocky Mountain luckily and got a big amano that seems to be fitting right in. The last one got picked on and I found him outside the tank. I nickname this tank fhe land of fhe giants. I have my giant betta Blood Moon, zebra oto thats twice the size ofthe normal one, and now my giant shrimp.

Hobbiton 2.0

So I finally upgraded to the 60 gallon but my hill isn’t the way i like it, tree is too small, and sand got all mixed up with the soil. I feel like I’m losing my vision on this scape. 

In my attempt to make it more filled for the betta girls, I got another tree, ordered some hydrocotyle variegated pennywort to tie on the tree. How do I separate the sand? Someone suggested I get a sifter like for washing fruit, so I got one of those. I traded a giant monte carlo mat for one of the new import bettas that was for sale, and now I have more green. 

Original Hobbiton femalesĀ 

My original hobbiton females are getting old. I recently lost Madam, Bullet and today I lost Nu to the bacterial infection that took Snow. Moonreign on instagram told me she actually knocks out the chance of the bacteria coming back as a superbug by dosing 4 x the recommended dosage for Furan 2 right off the bat. She’s had no issues and the bug doesnt return. I wish I knew earlier! So far, I managed to save Alpha II, even though her body was badly ulcered away a chunk, it’s actually healing very well finally. Now hoping to keep it at bay from Nu, Plum, and it looks like it mught be affecting the blue girls and Sally and Mandy. The yellows have been unaffected, I caught Pineapple lying still on the soil the other day, I am watching her. 

The rest of the new Hobbiton girls all look raggedy from bickering and it’s hard to tell if they have new fin rips. I see one or two new ones here and there. It definitelt has not been purely peaceful like the first group and I think because they dont plant on top to rest and claim their own. Hopingto remedy that soon.

Ammonia straight from tap

Lately my betta count grew tremendously due to all the easy access on facebook. The plan was to get a few females for the big sorority but I seem to have overdid it. 

I didn’t tealize how time consuming the water changes would be. Most of the time I am waiting for the RO unit to replenish. Why do I do RO water and remineralize instead of just tap? Well, I realized I have ammonia straight from tap.

I finally found a site with information as to why this is. It is because our city uses chloramine, which is ammonia + chlorine. Seachem prime will netralize this, but I wonder if the ammonoa will be released again in 48 hours? I may be able to use tap again!

Betta imports

The betta bug bit me pretty hard lately and I somehow ended up with tons of imports from Thailand. Facebook is very deadly! At first it was a few females I could fit into the new 60 gallon sorority that was being setup, and then later the logic was I can sell the ones that didn’t mix in the sorority. I did not anticipate the water changes to be so crazy. I have ammonia straight from tap, so a lot of what takes up my time is waiting for the RO unit to replenish.  I haven’t found a good solution to this issue yet. Maybe setting up a cycled tank just to cycle clean the tap water.  In the meantime, here’s a collage of all the pretty bettas that hit my facebook feed now…

Madam and Sunburst passed away

My older females seem to be succumbing to a bacterial infection that took Snow away back a few months ago. Madam caught it and jumped out of her hospital tank and turned for the worst. She passed away last night. Mu, Nu, and Bullet are also fighting this stupid bug. It hits so quickly, they suddenly get missing fins overnight! Moonreign from instagram told me she uses 4x Furan 2 and killed bacteria so it doesn’t come back as a super bug. I’ve started this tonight, hopefully my girls aren’t too far gone. 

Sunburst also suddenly died recently. I have no clue what happened to him and he was so young. This boy was definitely my favorite, and even in death his fins were still glowing gold! I pamper his tank and this still happens.  I’ve been trying to contact his breeder but the guy seems to have dissappeared. Sad times all around but on a bright side, the new sorority is finally up and running. 

Tangy is also gone!

Didn’t have the heart to share, but she was looking bloated a few weeks ago. Maybe overfed? Maybe bacterial issues when the heater kinked up my tubing? She passed away a week or two ago when I was super busy. I can’t wait to get the new tank going.