Ammonia straight from tap

Lately my betta count grew tremendously due to all the easy access on facebook. The plan was to get a few females for the big sorority but I seem to have overdid it. 

I didn’t tealize how time consuming the water changes would be. Most of the time I am waiting for the RO unit to replenish. Why do I do RO water and remineralize instead of just tap? Well, I realized I have ammonia straight from tap.

I finally found a site with information as to why this is. It is because our city uses chloramine, which is ammonia + chlorine. Seachem prime will netralize this, but I wonder if the ammonoa will be released again in 48 hours? I may be able to use tap again!

Betta imports

The betta bug bit me pretty hard lately and I somehow ended up with tons of imports from Thailand. Facebook is very deadly! At first it was a few females I could fit into the new 60 gallon sorority that was being setup, and then later the logic was I can sell the ones that didn’t mix in the sorority. I did not anticipate the water changes to be so crazy. I have ammonia straight from tap, so a lot of what takes up my time is waiting for the RO unit to replenish.  I haven’t found a good solution to this issue yet. Maybe setting up a cycled tank just to cycle clean the tap water.  In the meantime, here’s a collage of all the pretty bettas that hit my facebook feed now…

Madam and Sunburst passed away

My older females seem to be succumbing to a bacterial infection that took Snow away back a few months ago. Madam caught it and jumped out of her hospital tank and turned for the worst. She passed away last night. Mu, Nu, and Bullet are also fighting this stupid bug. It hits so quickly, they suddenly get missing fins overnight! Moonreign from instagram told me she uses 4x Furan 2 and killed bacteria so it doesn’t come back as a super bug. I’ve started this tonight, hopefully my girls aren’t too far gone. 

Sunburst also suddenly died recently. I have no clue what happened to him and he was so young. This boy was definitely my favorite, and even in death his fins were still glowing gold! I pamper his tank and this still happens.  I’ve been trying to contact his breeder but the guy seems to have dissappeared. Sad times all around but on a bright side, the new sorority is finally up and running. 

Tangy is also gone!

Didn’t have the heart to share, but she was looking bloated a few weeks ago. Maybe overfed? Maybe bacterial issues when the heater kinked up my tubing? She passed away a week or two ago when I was super busy. I can’t wait to get the new tank going. 

Blue passed away

My Blue passed away yesterday. She didn’t show any signs of ill health, but the females have been moved to a tub lately while their big tank is being setup. She was still a beautiful blue when I found her. I will miss her and her beautiful transformation from the pet store. 

Going nuts for white platinum 

I looked one day and Nok Narisa posted a dumbo white platinum! I wasn’t fast enough to get the nicest skyhawk ohm one (gleebettas got him in advanced), but I was in time to buy her other dumbo. I ended up buying the beautiful orange posted as well:

My dumbo boy:

The skyhawk that Glee will be getting:
Today she posted several whites again and after a while they are all starting to look the same to me lol. Here is a collage for you to judge:

More pictures of the new females

Separated the tub girls because the three doubletail whites were too timid to eat much. Here they are:

I got them daphnia hoping to get them to eat, but no luck. Someone suggested I try the garlic method. 




Here is Nectarine, nicknamed Patches. She looks like Raspberry, but is so much bigger!


I haven’t named the rest yet: 

Kitti W., aka Aquastar

The amazing betta breeder Kitti finally responded to me with pictures of his gold hm, and dumbo platinum white. I have been bugging him for a month, and to be honest, what he showed me was quite dissappointing. Somehow I gave him the impression that I am looking for mediocre bettas, but not sure how? 

I had an urge to ask for white platinum since mine from Npbetta was getting dark spots. I’m glad I did. The white platinum was much nicer. I ordered a pair, so now I am amassing a family of white bettas. I love that my boys flares at lobsters. I will have to think of another cloud related name for this one.